I started therapy..!

So I went to my doctor late last year for a monthly check up with my doctor and she asked me if I felt like trying therapy again would be something I was open to. I was hesitant to say the least. However after being on a steady downward trend for over a year and gradually being put on more medication I agreed to try. I was referred to steps to well being (even though i had to wait 2 months for the first phone call).

I had a phone call with an adviser who asked me lots of questions about my anxiety symptoms, how it affects my daily life, if I had signs of depression, felt suicidal (which I absolutely do not) and lots of other questions. I was then given treatment options based on my score.

The treatment options they offered me were group therapy or one to one cognitive behavioral therapy, but was advised that one to one would probably be best. I was then told I would be put on a waiting list which was around 4 months long. Sigh…

And so the wait begins.


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